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PPNT offers over 35,000 sq m to approximately 200 companies. The list of the biggest investors includes: Our magazine went through significant changes and we decided to, after many of your suggestions and internal considerations, introduce several completely new elements in the magazine, that you are now holding in your hands.

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But be aware that a wedding suit is different from a business suit. Do 2014 r. Also, a new stream was added this year — Interactive Demo Labs, that gave a hands-on experience of technology solutions tailored specifically to sector needs. Bagatela 12, 00-585 Warszawa tel.

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However, JLL expects the rate will start to grow with new office completions planned for delivery in Q2—Q4 2015 and in 2016. Gdynia represents one of the biggest economic centers in Pomerania.

IT, BPO, biotechnologii, farmakologii, elektroniki czy nanotechnologii. Robocza 4, pok. How big? Outsourcing is present in the new technology, IT, research and development, automotive, light and heavy industry, office real estate, and many other sectors, thus it will often accompany the subject that is being discussed on the pages of this periodical. Marymoncka 34, skr. Millennials have the natural abilities as well as the need to connect with co-workers with similar interests Tab.

Investor Relations Department City of Rzeszow ul. Orange Polska S. The park implements many projects, among others: We are open to inventions and suggestions of our team, which means that our employees can directly contribute to creating their responsibilities and complete the tasks they have been entrusted with in a manner that is best for them.

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According to Best2Invest. The same was the case with marketing digital cameras that have replaced analogue ones, or with CDs, and later electronic music craze in digital formats ranging from MP3 music from the Internet. Separate regulations have been set forth by the legislator with regard to the calculation of remuneration of compensation while on annual leave.