Flapping sound when braking in an emergency

It had a clicking sound when I hit the breaks.

6 Weird Sounds Your Car Makes (and What They Might Mean)

Other possibilities include overheated brake pads brakes have been known to squeal when hot from a lot of hard braking or overuse or brake rotor rust which might sound less like squealing and more like grinding. Nearly burnt my hand. Both of which can be catastrophic if the caliper were to come loose and jam against the wheel.

Once the rust goes away, within the first two stops everything is happy and normal again. Cookies Policy. The sound that brakes make when the lining is completely worn away.

The blue dust mote Registered: Usually used to describe the sound of tires sliding on the pavement with the brakes locked up. I asked my dad about it and he felt it was dirt or something that splashed up during the rains while I was away. Dietz Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Assuming that is the issue, how dangerous and damaging would this be?

And no matter how fastidious you are about maintaining your brakes , there are parts involved which are subject to good old wear and tear, and do deteriorate with regular use.

Is there a lump in the edge of the brake disc that could be just touching the pad when engaged?

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Oct 18, 2000 Posts: There are a few possible explanations that lead to engine knock, among them: Surely it must be something trapped ie piece of carboard? Upcoming Events. And then eventually stops. And always make sure your car insurer has your back.