Hep c symptoms how long

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hep c symptoms how long

There are vaccines to prevent hepatitis A and hepatitis B; however, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C. What blood tests are used to test for hepatitis C? Read more about the complications of hepatitis C. Learn more about this top honor.

Chronic phase of hepatitis C

There are two courses of hepatitis C: Hepatitis C infection is caused by the hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C: We have adopted the Information Standard which means we are committed to providing reliable and evidence-based information. Hepatitis C results in the death of liver cells. When symptoms do occur, they can include:. This can include poor concentration, poor memory and difficulty in completing complex mental tasks.

You should discuss your symptoms with your doctor, who should then be able to arrange appropriate investigations to exclude other common disorders. These pains are often minor but occasionally the pain can be quite severe. Is there a vaccine that can prevent hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is Curable - Johns Hopkins Viral Hepatitis Center

Twitter Facebook Vimeo SoundCloud. In some cases, people will experience symptoms not long after being infected. Chronic hepatitis C is usually a "silent" infection for many years, until the virus damages the liver enough to cause the signs and symptoms of liver disease.

hep c symptoms how long

Acute hepatitis C usually goes undiagnosed because it rarely causes symptoms. Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis C 101: Why Does Hepatitis C Often Go Undiagnosed?

Signs of cirrhosis can include jaundice, vomiting blood, dark poo, and a build-up of fluid in the legs or abdomen. So, why is hepatitis C so often undiagnosed and untreated?

hep c symptoms how long

This is known as chronic hepatitis.