How is the motability scheme funded depreciation

Barry Smith Thursday, February, 15th, 2018 Now that is interesting. The Motability Charity were keen to make it known that those reserves are not held by the charity and that they belong to Motability Operations Group plc MOG , a separate company which is under contract from the charity to deliver the Motability Scheme to customers.

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Ive been a recipient of motability cars for a number of vehicles now and have found that the deposits have increased greatly, particularly after the PIP reviews and the number of cars that had to be returned. I have to say I think this is a bit of a red herring as these reserves are not cash in the bank, but are rather the "book value" of the companies assets, I.

how is the motability scheme funded depreciation

It is owned by a group of UK banks, who have supported the scheme since its inception. I lots my car in August 2016 because of PIPs, and regained it after going to court, I ent through Months of hell, and Mobitilty were't the good.

Seeing the replies here I thought I would include my reply from another thread in giving my personal view and timly enough give a different spin on what JLR has told Brydo in the past, there is no right or wrong just different views at information on what we the customer gets told.

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David Nixon Thursday, February, 15th, 2018 My wife drives an automatic Motability car, the initial payment for automatic cars is much higher than manual cars I think that is unfair. However, should an advance payment be required then this is paid by you, or your carer, as a single payment to us.

how is the motability scheme funded depreciation

I also disagree lightbody. November 2018 13. Your settings will take affect when you refresh the page or move to a new page. Oscarmax Participant.

how is the motability scheme funded depreciation

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