How many triangles quiz answer

Can you figure out how many triangles are hidden within this illustration?

Four How many triangles puzzle?

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Mind-boggling brainteaser is leaving the web baffled … so how many triangles can you see?

Can you find all the triangles hidden in this image? Optical illusions have been around for eons, and continue to captive and confuse people worldwide. Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Kumar Ankit, an engineering student from India, posted this geometric puzzle to Quora.

An eye for detail and some knowledge of geometry may help you solve Ankit's brainteaser. The Sun first published this story. The simple illustration, which was posted by Kumar Ankit on Quora, has now been shared thousands of times on Facebook after leaving viewers scratching their heads, reports The Sun. The solution is actually 25 — there are 24 smaller triangles within the main triangle, as well as one in the signature.

how many triangles quiz answer

Can you spot the Lucky No. Next Story. Optical Illusions 2: Show comments.

how many triangles quiz answer

To join the conversation, please Log in. Sign up Log out news. Good luck and happy hunting! But can you figure out the correct answer?

While hordes of people have left their calculations in the comments section, no one can seem to agree on the answer.

how many triangles quiz answer

Join the 3. Can you spot the fish in the sea? Luckily, mathematician Martin Silvertant created a diagram that easily explains where all 24 triangles are located in the figure. Play dozens of free brainteasers, puzzles and games.