How to be a closet brony

how to be a closet brony

I really think it's silly. All I am saying is that it's easier for me to just be myself, cause I am already "unique" if you will. Get App.

Are you an open brony or a closet brony? Why?

The tips are all classic tips for coming out about sexual orientation or gender identity. He had to stay with his friend for a while just until things boiled over. Till' then it will be a fun secret between me, my family, one Hot Topic clerk, and a few friends who caught on.

Heh, I even told my friend about all these awkward brony communities to the point of becoming a shameless hypocrite, but never in my life will I let the thought of having my parents know that I go into such communities be reality. Are you an open brony or a closet brony? Rarity the Unicorn.

How to Become a Brony/Pegasister

It especially helps if you managed to convert others to complete bronies as well. Now I express my brony-ness with pride.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Outside of the internet I'm a closet brony. I just brought it up in conversation without telling him I actually watched it. Why would she tell anyone? Okay, sure, I can see how men would feel the need to hide their appreciation for a show featuring candy-colored ponies, but it's as big of a deal as you make it.

how to be a closet brony

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My Little Brony

I came home and told my wife, we laughed about it for DAYS! Sign In Sign Up. Featured post Did you know what would happen? More from Newsy.

how to be a closet brony

Reply 2 years ago. Chances are you probably haven't.

how to be a closet brony