How to beat meuka neopets

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how to beat meuka neopets

Recommended Posts. Sid Randomly appears on your challengers list instead of Bob. Finish a fight in the battledome with or against a Jetsam.

Meuka Challenger Guide

This or Golden Compass also helps block the dark from Meuka's muffins. Meuka Snot Shield. Posted July 27, 2013.

how to beat meuka neopets

An Icicle Level 25, 10. This topic has been edited by a member of staff Rune Valentine because of a violation of the forum rules.

how to beat meuka neopets

Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito. Purple Sticky Hand Having a stealing weapon is a good idea in your battle with Meuka as he's got some very nice items that are just waiting to be stolen!

how to beat meuka neopets

Battledome There are 16 avatars in this category. Try our Avatar Checklist Tool! He usually uses it for me when I'm pretty weakened, to finish me off, so you just need to judge when you think he's going to use it and use burrow. Second round Kasuki Lu should be frozen simply use both your stone muffins and fierce attack and that should finish him off.

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Neopets Battledome Guides & Help

The Awakened, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Kasuki Lu - Heeyah! Given out at the Battledome to users with pets who had battled in the former battledome before the new battledome BETA replaced it.

How To Never Lose A Battle On Neopets (100% WORKS)

Lesser Healing Scroll This is a good cheap healer, which will give you back 25 health points during the battle. Brute Squad, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. If you do not freeze Kasuki Lu go to the battledome status page and then beat the Inflatable Balthazar to regain your hp. Faerie Ability: Shoyru - Tough!