How to create an alien planet

how to create an alien planet

Maybe there are different races of humans who live in specific areas or locations on the planet. Share This Story. Or does your species use technology that is very similar to Earth's capabilities, with access to wi-fi and high speed internet?

How to Make a Hypothetical Planet and Its Inhabitants.

Rather than cramming every possible detail I could onto each page, I wrote a few specifics as they directly relate to the characters. But how can you create an alien life form that's really different than anything you'll find on Earth, rather than just a slightly tweaked version of a human or other Earth creature?

how to create an alien planet

Filed to: Decide how magic works on the planet. DannyR59 jakebuck Reply 2 years ago. Think about the positioning of the planet in relation to other planets and celestial bodies, such as stars, meteorites, and black holes.

how to create an alien planet

We love stories that take us to alien planets and let us explore whole new environments. Earth's oceans also help regulate the planet's climate, absorbing heat in the summer and releasing it during the winter. Do your aliens have to be intelligent, socially evolved, maybe even technological?

Really, it just depends on the ecosystem you create for its homeworld. They only necessary similarity is a way to manipulate the environment.

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

DannyR59 2 years ago. Here, in an exclusive article for io9, Revis explains just why creating a new planet was so hard — and shares three strategies that helped her to cope. Design Your Alien. This same idea can be put towards taste and smell.

how to create an alien planet

Outside of the water, 4 main appendages are the minimum for easy movement. Specifically, I neglected to consider just how difficult it would be to write the third and final book, where the characters actually get off the spaceship and set foot on an entirely new planet.

Design Your Alien

Review the environmental factors that make the Earth habitable and compare them to other worlds within our Solar System. To explore our Solar System and learn about the conditions on other planets.

We take very different approaches to creating characters for our stories, to developing plots, or to picking settings. Without it, we wouldn't be able to breathe. Jupiter Image 5 Solar System fact files: For example, I've always found Spanish moss to be creepy — it's pretty, sure, but it reminds me far too much of scary fireside stories told on camping trips.