How to loosen bolts on toilet

Use light to moderate pressure when removing plastic hardware to keep it from breaking or deforming. An alternative if you do not have a Dremel tool but do have an oscillating tool is to use a metal cutting blade in that. I have cut many bolts and other metal items using a dremel. I could envision a type of blade made with a short length of hack saw blade spot welded to the end.

How to Get a Toilet With a Stuck Bolt Off the Floor

Do not over-tighten the nuts. Add seat stabilizers to loose seats. Linked 79.

how to loosen bolts on toilet

Always drain the toilet tank and, if possible, remove it from the bowl before taking up the toilet. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Prevent corrosion and make the next removal easier by maintaining the seat through regular cleaning and by replacing worn out parts. Guide to Wine Country Green State: Yes No. As far as bolt cutters, it isn't so much the size of the cutter as your strength.

how to loosen bolts on toilet

Next, get a socket wrench and pick the smallest socket that will fit over the nut and torque it free. Even cheaper is to just buy a single hack saw blade and wear gloves. I guess I am assuming the flange is cast iron though. Email Required, but never shown. Remove the seat from the toilet. Over time, usage can wear out parts or weaken them.

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Removing Stripped Toilet Anchor Bolts

Cam Merritt is a writer and editor specializing in business, personal finance and home design. Home Guides SF Gate. Open the bolt caps to gain access to the seat fasteners, if necessary. Slide the stripped anchor bolts out of the flange in the floor.

how to loosen bolts on toilet

Position a new wax seal over the flange and anchor bolts, making sure it is centered over the flange. Lift the toilet up to position the base over the anchor bolts, and slide the toilet down onto the wax seal.