How to make a paper flexagon

Then connect the dots and do this for every square in both directions.

REMAKE: How to Fold an Origami Flexagon 2.0 - Easier and Super Cool!

I highly recommend watching the embedded video tutorial, however, if you prefer there is also this instructable with written instruction and images. I highly recommend watching the video if this step doesn't make sense to you. At first it will be very stiff, but don't worry, just keep working at it and it will become easier to turn.

Draw 2 lines going across diagonally from the corners as shown Flip the paper over to the other side and repeat steps12 To 14 on the back. After all, it was invented only 10 years ago. They should easily fold along the premade folds as shown in the first three images. The end result should form a hexagonal ring image 3.

how to make a paper flexagon

Add a comment. But when you fold it that way again, it, like, flips inside-out. And you're sort of trying to pay attention to class. And by you, I mean Arthur H. Unfold the paper, then fold the bottom left and right edges up to the center crease image 3 - 4.

how to make a paper flexagon

Now we need to make a 2 by 8 grid of perfect squares. How to make square origami envelopes.

How to Fold an Origami Flexagon

My name is Joe and welcome to my instructables page! Highlight Color. If there is anything you want a tutorial on preferably a sub... Move the ring to the orientation shown in the first image horizontal. Then you show him how to flex it by pinching around a flappy part and pushing in on the opposite side to make it flat and trianglly, and then opening from the center.

How to Fold an Origami Hexaflexagon

Now take a pencil and draw in lines that are angled down with a slope of -2. Bring the right bottom corner up and align the right edge with the top. If the model does not easily collapse inwards second image , then move on to the next horizontal line and try again.

how to make a paper flexagon

It will take a while the first few times you try, but trust me it gets easier. This will only happen on every other line three horizontal lines total.