How to make metal gear raiden cosplay

I have experimented with a few methods that I have researched through google and therpf. Chest pieces on chest base pattern. Share it with us!

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

I used the automotive spot putty all over the wood and then sanded with 220 grit sand paper in order to minimize the wood grains I then prime, painted, and clear coated the sword like I did with the rest of the pieces I used scrap foam for the handle details and eyelets for the circles on the blade.

After letting the last coast of Plastidip dry for at least 4 hours, I sprayed the piece with 2 layers of Bulldog Adhesion Promoter per the instructions on the label, and then automotive primer.

How can a cyborg ninja not be cool? I took the cardstock patterns created and traced them onto foam I then carefully cut out each piece with either the xacto straight blade, or the 45 degree angle mat cutting blade depending on how it was supposed to attach.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

Always remember to wear a good organic respirator as this stuff is toxic. I pass over the foam with the heat gun twice just to make sure the entire surface area is hit One the foam is cooled, I used a brush to coat the foam with 2 layers of Rosco's Flexbond Recommended by a user named "Full Metal Sam" which is a sealant that I found more effective than sealing with PVA glue white glue or Mod Podge.

Raiden Cosplay w/ Motorized Face Shield: Metal Gear Rising (Tutorial)

Bad patterns will result in a bad end product. Looking at my completed Raiden now, there are still pieces I would like to re-pattern and re-make but I felt it was good enough for a first shot. Materials I used in this stage: For the muscle pieces, I used a sharp pencil to engrave the fiber lines into the foam. Foam detailed handle and eyelets on blade. Some of them I glued after painting, some before painting.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

I later modified a pair of chunky heels by sawing off the heel and reattaching it with a door hinge and lock so it could lock in place and move when unlocked. I Made It! Bad patterns will result in a bad end product. Back held closed by magnets. The clear coat will give the paint the final pop so it looks shinny and metallic.

I let the sealant dry over night, and then I sprayed the pieces with 3 layers of Plastidip, waiting for each layer to dry for lat least 30 minutes before applying the next coat. Tracing pattern on foam. Post a Comment. Headband with earmuffs.

Raiden (Cyborg Ninja) W/ Motorized Face Shield From Metal Gear

On the example bicep piece, I need to cut the center bicep piece at 45 degree angles in order for the 2 side pieces to curve around I hot glued the pieces appropriately till the piece was formed --- Note: There are times where I re-did my patterns multiple times till I felt okay with the piece.

This costume is amazing, definitely one of the best ive ever seen! Example backpack straps on clips on sheath and back.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay