How to score more marks in english

CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam 2018: Final tips to score more than 90 marks

If you get distracted often, ask your teacher to you move in front so that you can pay attention to what she is teaching. I've been studying hard but I don't seem to be able to score good marks. Try studying 1 or 2 hours daily and leave a half hour for homework. Talk to your teacher for specific help. English in class 12 is a breather exam compared to the humungous syllabus in almost all other subjects for each stream.

Students learn techniques to ace the exam

Linguistic learner: Math is also a subject where you really have to stay on top of everything you learn, because everything new you learn builds on what you learned before. If you don't understand ask! When I only have one day to prepare for exam, how can I get good marks?

how to score more marks in english

Don't study for just the sake of getting good marks, study for a good future. Warnings Never study too hard - it can make you forget anything you've just learnt.

CBSE Class 12 English paper: 14 tips from board examiner to help you easily score over 90

Always take notes over important things, or anything you know you won't remember later. At last, solve a question paper. Study hard and frequently, review concepts throughout the semester instead of cramming before an exam, do extra practice problems and make flashcards to reinforce concepts.

how to score more marks in english

Be clear with definitions and theorems. If you start falling behind, it's very easy to fall behind more and more. Not Helpful 48 Helpful 282.

how to score more marks in english

Always do your homework, and always review what you learned. Learn more...

how to score more marks in english

If you are not sure of the answer, leave some space according to the allotted marks and come back to it later on. Language gets easier the more you practice, so try to read, write, hear and speak English as much as you can.

how to score more marks in english

This practice will enhance their writing skills mainly in reading and writing sections. This is why many students completely ignore this paper, leaving it for the last moment. Attend your classes regularly.