How to test cdi on a motorcycle

The meter should not read anything on any of these.

how to test cdi on a motorcycle

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how to test cdi on a motorcycle

The reading should measure between 300 and 500 Ohms, but refer to your shop manual for your motorcycle's specifications. Merctronic Instruments is still in business and can furnish you with any manual for their equipment that you would need.

Just bought Multimeter, how do I test my stator, cdi, and coil?

Simply push the two plastic tabs in and gently pull them from the box. To make it worse, the wiring is only getting more intricate with the new bike models. The battery should have 12 volts or higher with no load on it ignition and lights off.

how to test cdi on a motorcycle

Eliminate everything else before you buy a new CDI, unless you are fortunate enough to have access to another working box. Already an Inmate? The acronym CDI stands for capacitor discharge ignition.

Any way to test CDI modules?

Media New media New comments. I Pulled the output connector and, Measured which pins were showing a ground and marked those with a green marker. They are extremely easy to remove. Some bikes will not start with the side stand down, if the bike is in gear or if the clutch lever is not pulled in. How to Rebuild a Dirt Bike Engine.

How to Test a CDI Box

A great place to start is at the source of power. Pickup coils rarely go bad, but at times they do. You will be able to see the wire spark in low light conditions.

It's also important to make sure that the battery that you use produces enough amps to properly power all of the electrical components.