How to use bong vodka

Get a glass bong stem. Tips A variety of bottles can be used, but make sure you drill your stem hole in a location where the bottom of the stem can be at least an inch below the water line. Clean the bottle again. Sealing the hole will cover its rough edges and improve the bong's suction.

Bong Spirit Vodka 1.0L (40% Vol.)

Allow the sealant to cure overnight. Co-Authored By:. Check to see if you have a tobacco or "head" shop in your area, as stems are typically sold there, or buy one online and have it delivered.

how to use bong vodka

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how to use bong vodka

They have created premium vodka, produced by traditional means, in designer bottles. Go slow, and make sure you're drilling smoothly and evenly. SH Stuart Hamacher Jun 21, 2016.

Bong Vodka 700ml

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how to use bong vodka

Weight 1. Alternatively, a rubber ring can be purchased at any smoke shop to allow removal of the steam to facilitate cleaning. Please wait... Payment methods. Featured in. Subscribe to our newsletter. Care should be taken when drilling to avoid injury.