S w chief special 45 specs howard

The front sight blends in with the silver aluminum frame under certain light conditions and causes a washout of the sights. Believe me, a half-pound of weight savings on your carry gun makes for a more comfortable day.

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We simply provide this information as a resource for people who may be in the market to buy or sell a handgun, or who are simply researching a particular handgun model. The first reason is its caliber-the. User Rating 0 User Ratings. The similar Model 638, which I have also carried in the past, allows for the option of single action fire AND safe pocket fire due to its unique partially concealed hammer design.

s w chief special 45 specs howard

Cartridge Specifications Cartridge: The 642 fires in double action only mode due to the concealed hammer. The aluminum frame makes for lightweight carry, giving the 642 a weight of 15 ounces versus a weight of 23 ounces for its all stainless steel cousin, the model 640.

Because of its law enforcement popularity, a huge number of defensive and competitive loadings were developed for it.

s w chief special 45 specs howard

Case in point, a number of years ago while working as a deputy sheriff, I was dispatched on a cold November day to check on a couple of hunters who were on farm property adjoining a caller who was not sure if they had permission to hunt there.

View List Register Login. From 165 to 230 grains. Pistol Produced: Because the "J-frame" family of Smith and Wesson revolvers has been around since 1950 when the "Chief's Special" was first introduced, there are very few concealment holster systems out there that have not been made at one time or other for these guns.

s w chief special 45 specs howard

From 333 to 573 ft-lb WT: This is not a big problem during close range shooting. The laser dot shows up in all but the brightest light conditions, and the compact size of this model Lasergrip allows for snag free ankle carry. All five rounds can be fired from these guns without snagging.

The S&W 642 .38 Special Revolver: Concealed Carry Excellence in a Lightweight Package

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s w chief special 45 specs howard

Remember Me. I walked up and talked to the two hunters who did have permission to be there without them having any idea that I had my hand on backup gun for the entire conversation.

s w chief special 45 specs howard

The concealed carry options are almost limitless. Toggle navigation.

The next factor that makes the 642 a standout in the crowd is its stainless steel and aluminum construction. This month, I wanted to explain why after 15 years it's still my top choice. The 45 Automatic is the most powerful military handgun cartridge in use today. I saved the best feature of the 642 for last-the feature that sets it apart from the other J-frames in the Smith and Wesson line-its concealed hammer design.