What does flighty broad meanings

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Idioms fly blind , to operate an airplane, especially during conditions of poor visibility, relying solely on instruments for guidance.

English Language Learners Definition of broad.

what does flighty broad meanings

Chip carefully brushed a fly off Polly's flank with the whip. Also fly in the teeth of.

what does flighty broad meanings

Commercial is the broader term, covering all the activities and relationships of industry and trade. To hover is to linger in the air, or to move over or about something within a narrow area or space: Middle English brood , noun derivative of brood broad entry 1. More Definitions for broad. We fly merchandise to Boston. Translation of broad for Arabic Speakers.

A bird flits from tree to tree. The spirit of competition and commercial rivalry was absent. Also called tent fly. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Dictionary Entries near broad broach post broach spire broach turner broad Broad broad aisle broad arrow. Mercantile applies to the purchase and sale of goods, or to the transactions of business: Slang use in 1990s might be a revival or a reinvention.

what does flighty broad meanings

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