What does flip floppity meant

The content of this "game" offends me as a Democrat and an American.

Definition of flip

Originally Posted by Alex86el. Most vulgar Your vote: Just to attach a negative term to Kerry is the goal. Originally Posted by Feanoro. Last edited by Theoris; 2018-10-26 at 12: Remember, the Hordies adored Jaina when she wuvved them more than her own people.

what does flip floppity meant

The only thing worse than this is imagining some poor deluded dipshit repeating these discredited talking points around the water cooler imagine ten thousand.

She is able to differentiate between which factions of the Horde are totally evil, and which ones are not.

And in retrospect my original comment reads snarkier than it was meant to be. Last edited on Aug 04 2002. First appeared on Fox News, where they repeated it ad infinitum.

what does flip floppity meant

Bush's Flip Flops. We bought a fixer-upper house in Reno and flipped it in 6 months for a substantial profit. Still some doubt as to whether Aethas was fully guilty though.

what does flip floppity meant

These "olympics" are full of roids. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 08 2003.

Amazes me how a character with such violent personality shifts still retains a fanbase. You know, I'm less upset about Jaina suddenly reverting to her WC3 form and more disturbed by the fact the Alliance's logic is completely nonsensical.

What a moron! See more words with the same meaning: Flip Flop Olympics August 18, 2004 4: I agree that Bliizard should clarify that, if it was intended. Need an account? Read more here. I hear that Canada's planning to invade and save us all.

Should he have? Last edited on Dec 06 2011.

FLIP or FLAP - Will My House Sell?

The phrase 'flip-flop' is a meme the RNC is trying to spread.