What society thinks i do softball players

We now have a new relationship as some of them are coaching collegiately across the country. Nicely stated. To me, there is no bigger concept in our lives than communication. Amanda, my daughter is 10 and currently plays on 2 teams, a travel ball team and our local league. I also was truly inspired by your words about being confident.

what society thinks i do softball players

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Everybody likes a winner. Do you do it where everybody in the entire stadium knows you failed? Communication is a commodity in every type of relationship. If in the back of your mind is something that happened 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago or a year ago, you will never be able to live up to your full potential. Softball star Jennie Finch is influential to young softball players Jennie Finch is greatful for all the opportunities she's gotten from the sport she loves, softball.

what society thinks i do softball players

I remember being a young girl and going to a different state and just taking in everything about it from the way that their highways were different than ours in Houston to how the houses were built differently. Cancel Send. She loves the game so much.

10 Reasons Softball Can Change Your Life

Do you know what it feels like to never give up on that dream? Touching on travel for instance, I take young community baseball players and their parents from Australia to the USA every 2 years to play games against their USA counterparts and the beauty of this is it not only gives them the chance to play against the USA children but to form life long friendships, the parents also get to make new friends.

what society thinks i do softball players

In order to get the best results on the field, you have to manage your relationships off of the field. He plays favorite. If you are learning from your mistakes and making adjustments, you have no reason to fear failure. Please read the rules before joining the discussion.

Softball star Jennie Finch is influential to young softball players

And all I wanna do is break down and start crying and give up. How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourself" in 2011. I always knew sports provided me some of the most fond memories of my childhood and taught me many life lessons…lessons I wanted to teach my beautiful daughter, Cassadi.

what society thinks i do softball players

Yet after I read your post on time managment I feel really prepared to keep up my work. My confidence definately needs improvement, but your post saved me! These skills are hard to teach ourselves so I am glad this sport has taught me the things I will use for the duration of my college softball career and the rest of my life.

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