White fang the book whats the plot

Over the course of the journey, their dog sled is pursued by a hungry pack of wolves.

White Fang Notes

White Fang becomes a professional, experienced and a cruel killer. Here, it keeps him quiet as a mouse when the ex-con shows up to kill the judge, letting him take the villain by surprise.

white fang the book whats the plot

White Fang wants to be left alone all the time, but he is made to fight dogs, wolves, and even a lynx. From there, London shifts our point of view: Part 3, Chapter 4: One of these men, Weedon Scott , forces Beauty Smith to sell him White Fang, who spends the next few days being nursed back to health.

Jack London’s White Fang: Summary & Analysis

Part 3, Chapter 2: Be the first to contribute! White Fang rushes back to the family and alerts them to Scott's injuries.

white fang the book whats the plot

It simply is , and London turning his villain into a hero at the drop of a hat shows it off in a really snazzy way. After departing the pack came upon a 800 lb. The Famine. It only takes seconds! Part 2 In Part 2 the she-wolf runs away from Henry with her pack. Part 1, Chapter 2: Part 2, Chapter 1: Climax 9 Weedon bursts into the dogfight and saves White Fang.

White Fang came to love Scott.

white fang the book whats the plot

Audible Download Audio Books. He wins every fight until he comes up against Cherokee, a mastiff.

White Fang

Copyrights White Fang from BookRags. He lies in the sun, snuggled next to a litter of puppies he has sired, happy and at peace.

white fang the book whats the plot

Jack London uses certain techniques to establish the atmosphere of the story. White Fang always emerges victorious, whether fighting dogs, wolves, lynxes, or other wild animals. His value to them was priceless except a man named Beauty Smith found a way to buy him through liquor. The story ends in comedy, for White Fang overcomes his fear and mistrust of humans.