Who is thranduil in the hobbit

In a deleted scene, it was at this moment that Gandalf reminded him that his wife not only left him with gems, but also a flesh-and-blood son Legolas , and asked him which did he think she would prefer him to value more, causing Thranduil to turn to Gandalf in a state of greater shock and grief. Thus he was now aware of the Dwarves' quest. Thranduil was one of the Iathrim who spent his early life in Doriath.

Tolkien for his part seems to have recognized both the need to elaborate on Thranduil and he justified doing so gradually by addressing obvious questions. The king gave Bilbo the title of "elf-friend" and returned with his host in their halls.

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How Is Thranduil Different from the Book?

It is only fair to say that the dwarves gave a different account, and said that they only took what was their due, for the elf-king had bargained with them to shape his raw gold and silver, and had afterwards refused to give them their pay.

Thranduil advised him to find the Dunedain, for there was a young ranger there whom he should meet - his father, Arathorn, was a good man, and he might become a great man himself.

Even after Bilbo gave them the Arkenstone in an attempt to stop the fighting from materializing, a war nearly broke out, but Azog's arrival and Dain's departure to deal with the army of Orcs called it off. In the beginning there was Thingol, who was a rather nasty unpleasant fellow in The Book of Lost Tales. The Desolation of Smaug. The unprecedented friendship between Elf and Dwarf helped to reconcile Thranduil's people and the Dwarves.

who is thranduil in the hobbit

The Hobbit 1977 film: Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. Hahaha , but he does so pursuing or rather reluctantly following Tauriel. The Hobbit 2003 video game: He ran into Legolas, who confessed that he could not go back with him. It was unknown if Thranduil had a change of heart, and stayed to aid the Dwarves.

Touched by the sight, along with the memory of his wife's death at Angmar's hands, he replies "Because it was real" , and agreed with her plan to bury Kili. He was a traveled elf who had seen horrors in war. When Gandalf arrived, he urged Thranduil and Bard to call off the attack on the Lonely Mountain, and informed him about Sauron's elaborate plans of taking the Mountain, which would enable him to eventually destroy all of Middle-earth.

Thranduil in The Hobbit 2003 video game.

who is thranduil in the hobbit

Bilbo, Gandalf and Beorn traveled with the elf-host back to Mirkwood but would not stay in the woods, even when Thranduil asked them to. He is interrogated but refuses to answer, mocking Tauriel about the impending death of a dwarf. But, two evenings before his arrival, Bilbo came before Thranduil and Bard bringing the Arkenstone , a great jewel that Thorin valued above all, in order to make Thorin open to negotiations again.

Following their repeated failure to explain their presence in Mirkwood, Thranduil placed all the Dwarves under lock and key. Please share this with your friends: If they really wanted to put Tauriel and Legolas to good use it would be sufficient to have them being sent on purpose by the more reasonable bookThranduil version.

who is thranduil in the hobbit

In this version he is a golden-haired, balding, green-skinned being whose people bare little resemblance to the more human-looking Elves led by Elrond.