Who owns kfc malaysia

who owns kfc malaysia

In the coming months, we will launch our brand new mobile app for Pizza Hut, to make it even easier to order a great pizza and have it delivered within the hour. Over the past three years, we have launched 18 new products which were commercially successful.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced and what did you learn from it? With his knowledge, drive and vision, I believe Malaysia has picked the perfect partner to take us to the next level. After having succeeded in managing the situation, the takeaway is that compromise can often be a good thing for all parties involved.

who owns kfc malaysia

As such, talent management is critical to ensure we act and perform like a family. Not many people would guess that Malaysia ranks as one of the top markets for YUM! I have always practiced loyalty and dedication while keeping my hunger for knowledge alive. There is a lot I could learn from him in that one hour.

My life experiences have taught me to treat people right, be enthusiastic and take pride in everything I do. I have consistently emphasised the importance of knowledge and education as a lifelong process and to that end, reading and learning, have been my best mentor.


I have long admired Jack Ma, because of his persistence and perseverance. We foster a culture of ownership, which we believe is the cornerstone of our success.

JCorp chief denies rumours Lim Kang Hoo owns KFC, QSR

I am also committed to ensuring that corporate governance and compliance complements the utmost professionalism in which we conduct ourselves in and around the workplace. And finally the speed in which we can now disseminate content is truly fascinating for me as it greatly feeds my thirst for knowledge, but I am acutely aware that this can be a frightening prospect if not used or consumed in a responsible manner.

who owns kfc malaysia

We are always looking at ways to provide convenience to our customers and enhance their experience, be it in-store, through delivery, while ordering online or by introducing enhancements such as e-payment. Brands' global network, there are many moving parts to QSR Brands with the financial aspect being one of the crucial areas of success for the business.

Our QSR Brands family is made up of over 35,000 people full time and part-time across the region comprising a great many different people and personalities. It's not easy to engage with all 35,000 people, as well as our partners, suppliers and various stakeholders in QSR Brands' universe but nothing is impossible.

who owns kfc malaysia

KFC and Pizza Hut have a long and rich history in Malaysia that opens us up to a multitude of opportunities. How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

Brands the brand owner of KFC and Pizza Hut and one of the world's largest fast food companies in the world to constantly innovate and develop high quality, locally-tailored, fresh new offerings to delight our customers. KFC and Pizza Hut are already part of the popular culture in consumers' daily lives.

who owns kfc malaysia

It give you practical yet hard-hitting advice; simple yet very real steps you can take that goes beyond mere job survival; it tells you how you can bounce back from failure and keep pushing the boundaries, and above all, how to have fun while being in charge of your working life and beyond.

Brands across the world, QSR Brands has made that possible. In recent months, we have embraced technology to cater to consumer needs including developing a mobile responsive website for easy navigation and order placement.

In exploring growth opportunities, QSR Brands will look at increasing middle class consumption, product innovation and technology. How do you expect policies on climate change to impact businesses in the future?