3 point started when

The Evolution of the NBA 3-Point Line

The best proof for this is modern basketball where the 3-point shot became the primary offensive weapon.

Coaches and players sound off on the game's most dominant shot NBA teams are averaging a record 31. You see guys who can't shoot, they're struggling in the league these days. But shooters can always be steady.

The NBA 3-Point Line: Distance & History

Doc Rivers stops game for Dirk tribute The Clippers coach grabbed a microphone from the scorer's table to pay tribute to Dirk. Still, it is interesting that even for the introduction of the three-point line there was great fear as well as the rejection of the same, and now it has become the favorite shot of most players.

3 point started when

Modern centers have also begun to show the tendency to shoot from a distance, which suggests that this trend is stable or going up. With time, it has become the most powerful weapon in basketball.

3 point started when

A lot of the 2,500 in attendance that day thought that the Harkness miracle tied the game and forced overtime. Our Latest Stories.

3 point started when

Incorporating 3x3. When VanVleet was a rookie, he often passed up on open shots. You can make an argument that he's the most skilled player.

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The reasons were less and fewer points, the defense that was on a verge to fight, and the players just had a hard time getting to the hoop. If we helped you in any way, a small donation would be appreciated. His shot won the game for the Pacers, 119-118. Open Basketball Championships Recap. LeBron James questions Lakers focus James doesn't think that the playoff push should be a distraction. Watch Video. Instead, they became a trendsetter.

How did we get to this point? A decade later, in 2007-08, they were taking 18.

Men's Teams

Teaching Footwork. This season -- with an increased pace, a 14-second shot clock after offensive rebounds and a freedom-of-movement emphasis that has proven a boon to offenses -- NBA teams are averaging 31.

After all, it was only a few years ago when the Rockets were considered an outlier. One of the best shooters ever and a Boston Celtics legend, Larry Bird, said that it would be good to think about setting up a four-point line, and the NBA board has commented it as a good idea.

In the ensuing years, three-point frequency inched upward.