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Konspiracyjne Archiwum Getta Warszawy, vol. In support of their policy of persecution of the Jews in Poland the Nazi authorities mounted a vast propaganda campaign of ferocious virulence which preyed on the lowest instincts of the unenlightened sections of the population.

Patterns of Cooperation Collaboration and Betrayal

The Germans sealed off the roads, ordered all gates to be shut and then checked the identities of all the people in the street. They paid the workers handsomely for their labor.

Celemenski describes how he administered a poison pill to an unbalanced Jewish woman in a Warsaw hide-out who would scream hysterically, aloud, and in Yiddish. By way of comparison, the entire German occupation forces, including administration, needed to keep Denmark in line amounted only to a few hundred, and in France there were only 3,000 German occupation troops stationed in the entire country.

Kuperman was executed and the two Polish rescuers were sent to a concentration camp which only Zofia Szkop survived. That author does not record any activities by the Home Army or Polish collaborators directed at Jews. When the round-up of Jews was about to begin, Duckwitz made his way back to Sweden to alert the Swedish government to be ready to admit the fleeing Jews.

Again, in the spring of 1942, five Jews were assigned for wholly clerical duties to the Treblinka I labour camp for Poles. We were finally freed after two hours of interrogation …154 A large group of Jews hidden on a farm in Zamienie, in Polesia, was betrayed by a 13-year-old Jewish boy whom the group was reluctant to take in because he was poor.

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That author also attests to the fact that converts were generally detested in the Warsaw ghetto p. Poland, Part 1, 83. Nikolai [Oleynik] denied hiding anyone, but this young boy insisted that there were Jews there, listing all of our names. In doing this she thought that she would be saving her own life. One of the men died, older man died, but he was very religious. By this time all Jews had been officially relegated to ghettos or concentration camps.

Five lived with us until the Warsaw uprising in August, 1944. Houghton Mifflin, 1997 , 6. With few exceptions, Holocaust survivors are also in denial about this phenomenon. Jacob Solomon Berger, 2006 , 167. Why were they doing them?

Thus the Jewish leadership both saved and destroyed its people, saving some Jews and destroying others, saving Jews at one moment and destroying them at the next. The Jewish Catastrophe, 1933—1945 New York: Life in the bunkers had been very hard and the people let themselves be talked into coming back.

See Ringelblum, Kronika getta warszawskiego, 214—15, 531ff.