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I get a lot of them come up to cracks of my front door and back sliding glass doors.

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Really Work?

The surface is nice and flat, I just have to be quick enough. What about what flies in at that time?? I turned it to the max setting and still the little turd was scratching away. Which they do lol. Again it needs to hit solid wall. Customers please spread the words to your friends on social media. I got a new apartment. Name required.

But my daughter says she can hear it, it said on the box that us humans cant hear it. With our last hopes, we found an article online about a rat spray that was said to make miracles. Good quality spring traps. I bought one after my apartment was infested with roaches that came through the wall from another apartment in my complex next to me. Not even 24 hrs later i came home. I have three homes in the country in Illinois.

Sometimes takes a few days but they work!

The sound is a varying high pitched constant sound. I used 5 gecko lizards in my apartment years ago to get rid of some roaches. I put 2 pest strips toxic in attic spray bedding with Vets Best and cut up generic Seresto flea collars in 1 inch strips under cover and pet towel silver threads antimicrobial. Sorry for the long story but no they do not work!!!!! We kept the repellant plugged in since this was 3years ago.

If your infestation is really new, the pests may decide to move elsewhere but otherwise, like any other noise, they will simply get used to it as part of their daily life. Occasionaly a mouse wanders into the danger zone our home , and the boss cat ,a tomcat , has a play with the rodent while the other critters just watch the action. It may depend on what product brand you purchase. Lee in Australia. They are very persistent and keep trying to return.

I live in a one bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor and have been here for 4 years. I placed a Victor ultrasonic repeller under each 2 cars engine replacing with a new unit about every 4 years. Hi Kathleen, Thanks for the feedback about your experiences. Caught 9 mice within the hour..