Best way how to drink fireball whiskey

best way how to drink fireball whiskey

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Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

Any good drink ideas? Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is this spicy?

best way how to drink fireball whiskey

Thanks for letting us know. Favorite way to mix this? Today's Top Stories. Combine Fireball and hard apple cider to make a classic fall beverage. I think it's good either way, i do like to add cream soda to it, tastes really good.

8 Reasons You Should Never Drink Fireball

As you get older, your go-to cure for the common cold evolves from chicken soup into Hot Toddies. Use more or less Fireball to adjust the booziness.

best way how to drink fireball whiskey

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Swish the Fireball around your mouth before you swallow to coat your mouth with the flavor. Try reuseable whiskey stones to chill your Fireball without diluting it.

I drink it straight, in shot form, or mix it with soda!!

20 Of The Damn Best Ways To Drink Fireball

Stir the cocktail together until the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Drink It for Dessert Fireball is cinnamon whisky, after all. Leidy daliza R. Share on Facebook Pin it.

9 of the Best Fireball Whisky Cocktail Recipes

Fireball is a boundary-pushing whisky that requires an equally boundary-pushing Old Fashioned recipe. Related Articles. Calera, AL.