Boom town doctor who review death

S01E11: 'Boom Town'

Home Shop About Us newsblog events the magic bulletin about magic bullet contact us Kaldor City occam's razor death's head hidden persuaders taren capel checkmate storm mine the prisoner metafiction Faction Paradox faction paradox: Possibly this is simply because Margaret doesn't have to do any running or attacking on camera which is where the contrast between costume and CGI Slitheen showed up most strongly in the first story , but the Slitheen face did seem more mobile this time, and the sequence where Margaret sits in the ladies' toilet thinking about her dead family showed excellent facial expression and body language.

Doctor Who.

boom town doctor who review death

I do find it interesting that the audio mix contains a lot of stock screaming and lightening effects during the climax. On the plus side there are some good elements to this which lift the episode back up despite these plot problems.

1.11 - Boom Town

Indeed, the most haunting moment in the story—hell, perhaps the entire run of Doctor Who —is the shot of a traumatized, nearly broken Doctor pressing his head against the TARDIS door, trying to shut out the screams of the Daleks outside. The pair head to the toilet where the Slitheen plans to dispose of the inquisitive lady, but when Blaine discovers she's pregnant a wave of maternal emotions overwhelms her and she is unable to commit the murder.

This Doctor is not defined by his own deeds but rather the heroism that he inspires in others. Rose is absolutely right: Hopefully, that review will be considerably shorter than these last two epics. It's an honest and powerful scene, only spoiled slightly by the script taking things too far. But for once, an alien character in a science-fiction show has been given a tragic and twisted back story, explaining why that alien character was acting the way it did.

The Slitheen explains that if The Doctor returns her to Raxacoricofallapatorius, he is effectively murdering her. The dialogue between Margaret and The Doctor is very interesting with her challenging his moral code. Meanwhile, Davies decided to go full on character-centric all throughout the episode.

boom town doctor who review death

The flatulence has been toned down to tummy rumbles for the most part, which is just as well. Share this: Margaret Blaine has clearly given her escape plan a ton of thought and she lays traps within traps for the Doctor throughout the episode.

"The Parting Of The Ways" / "Boom Town" / "Bad Wolf"

This is a harsh, hopeless story, one in which a companion knowingly prepares to meet almost certain death in order to buy the Doctor some time. Email required Address never made public. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Her comparison of the Doctor to a god has a certain amount of truth to it, in that he is outside of the normal rules; he can get away with things that normal humans cannot, which is a dangerous power for anyone to have.

Instead, the viewer is pleasantly surprised to discover an episode which manages to blend farcical comedy with thought-provoking moral issues. The handling of the Doctor in both stories is a good clue; much as the Doctor matter-of-factly told Rose in the earlier episode that he could do anything, here he and his growing team of companions make short work of Margaret.

boom town doctor who review death

Bagging a Slitheen eats up a good portion of the day, but even when they have some time alone all they seem to talk about is the Doctor. It emerges that Blaine escaped the blast at 10 Downing Street many months earlier, and took her disguised human form to Cardiff and succeeded in becoming Mayor. Log in to submit Rating and Review.

boom town doctor who review death