Cybermen doctor who cosplay costume

I Build Monsters. A coat of primer was followed by a couple of coats of nice silver paint. The wire is taped down along the inside of the mask and runs down to a battery pack that I can carry in my left pocket.


I like how you did the headpiece, it comes out well and avoids messing with resins and such. I figured that attempting to drill through them would likely result in a dozen shattered balls. More by the author: Share it with us! I taped it loosely into place, put the mask on again, and if it wasn't exactly right I made adjustments. So for the middle portion, I chose a foot-long trading card collector box, a simple cardboard affair that retails for less than a dollar or less, if you're like me and you run a comic book store.

cybermen doctor who cosplay costume

I don't know what its original purpose might have been. Giant Christmas Ornament Bobblehead Costume. And look more like something that the BBC Workshop might have constructed in the sixties. I Made It! Held in place with epoxy, the opening at the center allows for a bright white LED on the end of a long wire to be pushed through from the inside of the mask.


It will help keep the spraypaint from shedding off the fabric. This looks perfect! More by the author: Although the lights inside the box are not canon I think the screened central box is supposed to have something to do with respiration , I really wanted some stuff to light up. But since I would be making my mask out of papier mache, I needed it to be a single piece that I could pull over my head...

Then I pried the female connectors out of the back of an old VCR. Intermediate Leatherworking Class.

cybermen doctor who cosplay costume

The package also had two switches: I suppose I could remake them, I've actually got time, but I probably won't do it. I sank two of them into the top of the electrical box on my chest console, and mounted one in each of the Wiffle balls on my shoulders.

cybermen doctor who cosplay costume

Now, the most interesting feature of the Moonbase Cybermen is, without a doubt, the Wiffle Balls. My shoulders aren't big enough to fill out the coveralls, so the weight from the balls tends to make them slide around behind my arms.

There you have it!