How to clean a shallow water well

Hand Dug Wells and Other Manual Methods to Dig a Well Have Been in Existence for Thousands of Years

To properly disinfect a well and water supply system, the minimum concentration of chlorine in the well should be 100 to 300 parts per million ppm , depending on the need for disinfection.

Flowing Artesian Wells Flowing artesian wells wells that are naturally overflowing at the surface are disinfected by lowering a perforated container filled with an adequate quantity of dry calcium hypochlorite to the bottom of the well.

Hence my longing for a well camera to reduce the guess work.

how to clean a shallow water well

After the 12 hour minimum standing period, the well water should be allowed to flow to waste. Prior to cleaning the system, purchase an inexpensive pool chlorine test kit. This article describes approaches for removing silt, sand, or other debris from the bottom of a well bore or well casing; these methods may also be used to clear a clogged foot valve or well screen. Large gravel can't be lifted out of the borehole.

There are many ways for surface water to seep in, and the typical bucket on a rope used to fetch water easily transmits bacteria to the groundwater.

Cleaning a Water Well System

If it comes back from the lab with a seal of approval, proceed to the final step-monitor and maintain. Making hand dug wells requires only common tools and skills, so it can be done by anyone. Once the bleach is in the well, it needs to be pumped through the entire system.

Restoring Flow through Water Well Rehabilitation The situation is not always bleak when a household water well fails to produce the water it did when it was first installed. If this fails, subject the well to corrective action determined by a qualified professional.

how to clean a shallow water well

These contaminants cannot be detected by taste or visual inspection, making them a hidden hazard. Often the well is pumped down for a couple of hours, allowed to recover, and pumped down again until no chlorine is detected with the pool test kit.

Then sample for the presence of coliform bacteria. A strong steel pipe is screwed onto the drive point and the assembly is driven into the ground using a heavy sledge hammer.

how to clean a shallow water well

Water Well Services. Mike I'd like to help but am flying blind here - I just don't understand what valves are where - certainly if you close a valve found immediately on the outlet side of a water pump that is between the pump outlet and the pressure tank or any other piping you're likely to blow the pump seals or damage the unit.

how to clean a shallow water well

If a well with a jet pump is drawn dry it will need to be primed.