How to clean out your wardrobe

How to clean out your closet in one afternoon

One with your favorite happy, uplifting, everything is going to be ok music, and one filled with songs that calm you down. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Place donations in a trash bag.

how to clean out your wardrobe

As you clean out your closet, you will be dividing your clothes into four categories — keep, store, sell, and donate. I listened to each question, filled with emotion. I also put some for my young daughter away.

how to clean out your wardrobe

Two hours and several hangers later, I had over 100 items crammed on a rolling rack ready to donate. Round Two Drink water and turn up the music.

6 Closet Cleaning Tips to (Finally) Get Your Wardrobe Organized

Check back in six months and then a year to see which hangers are still facing the wrong way. So much stuff I thought i needed and have never touched a lot of it no more than moving it to another room. GW Gracie Weber Aug 22, 2016. There should be space in your drawers for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and turtlenecks. Clear the day, hire a sitter, unplug and make it important.

how to clean out your wardrobe

Nothing in your closet should make you feel that way. Drawer dividers, like these or these , can help you manage the things in your drawers that often get too messy to deal with unmentionables, socks, ties, belts; the drawer is your oyster!

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Customize Select the topics that interest you: Join the conversation. Fill your closet with items that bring you joy. Mama and i have got rid of some things but we still got the attic and the shop,etc..

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how to clean out your wardrobe

If you have clothes in bureaus, storage containers, or other areas of your home, get those too. Give some away.