How to deal with college freshman homesickness

How to deal with homesickness at college

Make sure you send fun, shareable things, like a big bag of popcorn or homemade cookies. This is when that cozy blanket, photos of family and friends, teddy bear or a chapter or two of Hogwarts magic comes in handy. Article How to Stop Being Lazy.

how to deal with college freshman homesickness

This roller coaster of emotions will follow you with every change you'll pursue in your life. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and an associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and collegiettes for tips on how to cope.

During this time of transition, the student might be considering making rash decisions like breaking up a longterm relationship, cutting off their hair, or getting a tattoo.

Filling up your social calendar and hanging out with people who have similar interests as you will help you feel less lonely and help you make new friends! Co-Authored By:.

how to deal with college freshman homesickness

They might also find some cool monument, site, or even study area for them to utilize. Share Flip Email. Reassure your new college student that what he or she is feeling is natural, expected - and shared. Remember those comforting touches of home you helped him pack?

How to Deal with Homesickness Freshman Year

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. What are your concerns? Get used to your new surroundings According to Dr. Thanks for your feedback! Most colleges and universities are well-equipped to deal with the emotional challenges of freshman year, and offer one-on-one support through their health services facilities. Decorate their room.

College Homesickness and How Parents Can Help

Klapow suggest weaning yourself off of contacting your family daily, it is a good place to start. Related Posts.

how to deal with college freshman homesickness

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