How to get slotted sunglasses talonro

Purple Glasses[1]. By Fuligin Thursday at 04: Retrieved from " https: Trident [2]. There are two seperate slotting NPCs, each of them with his own list of enchantable items.

Headgear Quests

These boxes are being dropped by Myst Case at a low chance and give you any non-slotted mid-headgear except some newer ones. Dragon Slayer [2]. Katar of Frozen Icicle. And 2. Trident [3]. Devil Whisper[1].

Slotted Mid-Headgear

Book of Billows [3]. Seems you were just unlucky. Jump to content. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Blank Eyes[1]. Robot Ear[1]. Orcish Axe. Discussion View source History.

Grand Cross [1].