How to mail brownies and cookies

Stay tuned, I plan on sharing my tips on packaging cookies for shipping soon.

how to mail brownies and cookies

Hill AFB Utah,: Chris said that they were perfect. Replied November 19, 2013, 1: Imitation or chocolate-flavored baking chips may hold up better because the melting point is higher.

how to mail brownies and cookies

We also liked a tip we spotted from American parcel service UPS a lot of Christmas cookies get sent far and wide over there in the US, so they know a thing or two about putting baked goods in the mail: Why our bodies, minds and guts are what we eat.

If you do, be sure to double wrap with plastic even if the cookies are in a plastic storage box to create a moisture barrier.

How to Package Brownies for Shipping

Be sure to make the cookies small enough to fit. Not so much.

how to mail brownies and cookies

Do the cookies move around? Most colleges have recycling bins in the dorms and many even have recycling bins in each dorm room. I also make spiced pretzels for them.

How to Pack and Ship Cookies

Seal each individual brownie well to preserve freshness and to keep out pests during shipment. If you use the list of ingredients from the box, be sure to write in any ingredients you added to the mix, like eggs and oil. The tears you shed because of the sweet memories that fill your mind as you pack them? I have looked for articles On Usda and Usps website and it wasn't enough information.

Can I safely ship homemade bread, brownies, cookies?

The cookies will get there fresh, unbroken, and yummy. Many years ago I put a care package together to send to the hubs who was deployed. John Howard provided George Pell with a character reference. Previous Next Hide Grid.

how to mail brownies and cookies

My hubby is in the military and the very first batch I sent to him brownies are his all-time favorite treat arrived dry and crumbled.