How to plant your own avocado tree

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how to plant your own avocado tree

Things You'll Need A whole, ripe avocado. In about two to three weeks, you should see roots sprout from the round end into the water. Only one sprouted, but is now, some 2 months later, about 6" tall, although I have yet to cut the top back.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree From a Pit

Letting the pit's bottom tip dry out will most likely prevent the avocado from sprouting properly, if at all. Thank you! If you want to grow fruit, you will need two different types of trees planted together.

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how to plant your own avocado tree

Start with a 6- to 8-inch-diameter pot, with good drainage holes. Soon after, the pit should begin to split open at the top and bottom. If possible, plant two trees, as these plants like company. Again, the pointy end is on top.

How to Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Once the soil is prepared, dig a narrow hole deep enough to accommodate your avocado's roots and pit. Avocados make everything taste better: Let dry, then insert 3-4 toothpicks about halfway up the side of the pit. If the leaves turn brown at the tips, the tree needs more water. Ensure the base of the avocado always remains moist and submerged in water. Continue to water the plant accordingly.

In about three to four years, expect fruit. Thanks for letting us know. Don't miss these other favorites that make avocado the star of the show:.

how to plant your own avocado tree

Thanks for all your info. Sit the pit on the glass, pointed end up, so the toothpicks support it on the rim. Shallow bowl or ramekin. Avocado trees thrive in hot, humid, sunny conditions.

A Anonymous Jul 28, 2016. Thank you very much for your help.

how to plant your own avocado tree

Thank you. I have an avocado tree I planted over a year ago.