How to share pictures on google plus

Related Articles. The smartphone camera in your pocket not only takes great photos , but lets you share them quickly with all your loved ones.

how to share pictures on google plus

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Share a post on Google+

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how to share pictures on google plus

Need to find a specific shots? If you share an album that automatically adds photos of face groups, anyone with the album link can see photos as they're added.

how to share pictures on google plus

This feature is rolling out today for both Android and iOS users as well as the desktop version of Google Photos. Create a folder on the website or on your Dropbox app free, iOS and Android.

how to share pictures on google plus

To turn this on:. Co-Authored By:. You can type your caption into the "What's new with you? You can also share links to your photos and albums with anyone, even if they're not Prime members. Click DONE. Sharing a post with "Public" When you post something publicly, what you post including photos can be seen by anyone, on or off Google services.

Share photos & videos

When you get to the spot you want it to go, click paste. Learn more. It's wise to keep this handy feature on, so that even if your phone takes a dunk in the beautiful seas of Sayulita, you'll still have a backup of all of your vacation photos in your Google account.

And anyone in your organization can see what you shared by looking at your profile. To share a link, click Insert link. Learn more about it here, and share your scanned photos with the tag PhotoScan.

How to Share Your Photos with Others on Google+

Help Center Community. Click the Home tab. Learn how to leave an album. In a shared album, each person can add photos and videos until the album reaches 20,000 total items.

You can share photos, videos, albums, and movies with anyone, even if they don't use the Google Photos app. Go to https: