How to wear eyeshadow for blue eyes

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how to wear eyeshadow for blue eyes

Does it look good on you? First, wet the brush using D2O Hydration Spray , then dip it in the eye shadow to turn the powder into a long lasting cream eyeliner.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

The change will give you sultry definition without overpowering your pretty baby blues. Or, confine the color to the inner eye to add a bit of brightness.

how to wear eyeshadow for blue eyes

Choose an eyeshadow color to match the occasion. Blue eyeshadow looks best with brown eyes, however, you might find that if you wear a blue shirt or scarf it can really make your blue eyes pop.

Rub a little over your eyelid, then lightly layer your normal eyeshadow on top. Pinks don't really work if you have a pink complexion, but if you have a peachy complexion, pink may stand out on your lids and look great with your blue eyes.

how to wear eyeshadow for blue eyes

This article has also been viewed 51,974 times. Neutrals are a great color scheme for any eye color. It will give you a similar look that black mascara gives you, without being as harsh. Help answer questions Learn more.

how to wear eyeshadow for blue eyes

You can also wear ash, black, charcoal, silver, slate, or dark grey. Apply shimmery bronzer to the cheeks and face to further bring out blues in the eyes.

Makeup for Blue Eyes: 5 Eyeshadow Colors to Make Baby Blues Pop

Use liquid bronzer beneath eyeshadow. But on blue eyes, it is perfect to add contrast! Bring out the blue in your irises by choosing eyeshadow colors with subtle or bold orange tones present in them. Reach for the brown mascara.

Your Secret Weapon for Pulling Off Blue Eye Makeup IRL

Makeup for Blue Eyes In other languages: Finding a statement piece or accessory in a tone that complements your blue eyes makeup look can really help your eyes stand out. Otherwise, I think you're fine. Or, you could rock both warm and cool toned if you want!

Bring out the blue flecks in your grey eyes by contrasting blue tones as you would with blue eyes.