Howard anglin omar khadr

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Trudeau feels blowback from $8m Khadr settlement

William Kuebler, that no law or treaty prevents prosecution of minors for war crimes. My final question, if time will permit--you can assimilate it into your remarks--is whether you are suggesting that the law of armed conflict, presupposed conflict, between states and their respective combatants is effectively inapplicable to asymmetrical warfare involving terrorists as illegal combatants.

howard anglin omar khadr

They have certainly contributed to his current situation. Founded in 2003, the Canadian Coalition for Democracy--CCD for short--is a national, non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-religious organization of concerned Canadians dedicated to promoting democracy at home and abroad and to defending civil liberties and national security.

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Does a kangaroo court do that? In response to the earlier point, this is a stage at which any accusations of torture can be addressed by a civilian court, and by a very responsible civilian court, probably the highest court in the United States and probably the second-most important court in the United States. But I have yet to see any convincing evidence that it is so. I'm going to ask our next witness to come up immediately so we can keep going.

howard anglin omar khadr

Canada needs to make a decision, in an exercise of its diplomatic sovereignty, on whether or not to bring him back. Regarding your two primary questions--one, on the treatment of a child, and two, on why Canada can't bring him back... He thinks not.

howard anglin omar khadr

I don't think the sins of the father should be visited on the son. I really am not familiar enough with Canadian law.

howard anglin omar khadr

The US, on the other hand, is a beacon of liberty and freedom. And today is a very special day at the Subcommittee on International Human Rights: Do you believe that Omar Khadr has in fact received appropriate constitutional protections with respect to prosecution?

COMMENTARY: Omar Khadr should be charged with treason, not given $10.5 million

We'll go in camera as soon as you've left the room. Apart from the other side, I think any definition would preclude him being called a gentleman. I'm sure there would be great difficulties--certainly evidentiary difficulties--that are taken into consideration in a military tribunal that I presume wouldn't be taken into consideration in a Canadian civilian court.