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What was the point of that? Nothing is as unmanning as being manhandled by a woman.

#JLF 2013: The Finkler Question

Treslove thinks of all Jews as Finklers, hence the title. It was looking for Herzog, but in the end found a book that could have been written by Jonathan Safran Foer not a high compliment. Libor lives in a grand "apartment" looking out over Regent's Park but who in England says apartment when "flat" will do?

The Finkler Question

The entire book is narrated using characters' discussions and reminiscences, largely dealing with the Jewish world in general, and in context with its relations to Gentiles; or if one wants to take it, vice-versa, the Gentile world in general, in context with its relations 4. For me, through no fault of Howard Jacobson, there was a lack of this. I found this an enjoyable, amusing and thought-provoking read yet towards the end I felt it got bogged down in too many different strands and themes, ultimately sorting out virtually none of them.

They always had something you didn't, some verbal or theological reserve they could draw on, that would leave you stumped for a response.

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

This is perhaps the funniest book I've ever read; it's also seriously brilliant. Or that's what Treslove thinks she says. And it's that very evening, at exactly 11: He had at one time been a Hollywood gossip columnist. I mean, I know it's not extinct or even close to it, but I had no idea it was as prevalent as Jacobson depicts it. Here, let me say it a few more times, I think the author would appreciate it.

Would not recommend. A momentary pause to search it up on Google might help the more curious and interested mind. The first two are Jewish types.

You can assign this to either the character or the author. Refresh and try again. Hepzibah, the novel's only living female character, is similarly sketchy. And obviously, in this case, I'm on the side of being wowed. Go read it!!! So what is the book about? Julian decides to call all Jews Finklers since that's how he's got to know them. But I loved it: As you read along you get lulled by the lovely language, and then you think: Who among us is so certain of our identity?