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Other tracks feel located in a subterranean vault. NZ Music Month: To date they have had airplay on 32 U. S Movie to be released in early 2016. Wellington-based psychedelic-progressive-rock six-piece, Spartacus R are more of a musical force than a band. Posted by Anxiety Club on Tuesday, 14 February 2017. Tom Callwood bass, vocals — Tom has played bass with many different jazz and blues outfits. It started as just Cormac performing the songs by himself acoustically or to a backing track accompanied by videos.

But as these things go, Rick Cranson met their match and is now and forever will be, THE drummer for them.

Ariana Grande - in my head Audio. Kayleb Duckett is a Newtown-based musician. Vertigo by Ghost Who Walks. It has always been their dream to create new and innovative music that sounds like where it originates from and take it to the world. I gradually moved on to instruments, song-writing and singing.

Gretchen Ross by Lucid Effect. If I try to think what D Burmester and the blind are about, this story comes to mind: Lamb was raised by her solo Dad and they had a strong connection, which is not only evident when she speaks but in her songs, too. She has composed music for over thirty visual media projects, including short films, documentaries and video games, and has worked with a variety of directors and production companies in New Zealand, Australia, US and the UK.

For her debut album, Kirsten co-produced and collaborated with her husband and top pianist James Illingworth, award winning Maori music producer Maaka McGregor and Maori language expert Dr. And so is this new work.

Beautiful melodies and dual harmonies atop a sludgy sound of heavy drums and doomy metal riffs. Estere talks to RNZs Kathryn Ryan about being a woman in the very male dominated world of beat-boxing, and breaking barriers as she goes….

KVKA - "Who You" [Bass Boosted]

With a solid lineup now adding a muscular sonic backbone and deeper lyrical rhetoric, Tunes Of I sought to encapsulate a more refurbished sound and representation of their reputable live performances. Avril Lavigne - Birdie Audio.