Lady capulet what say you meme

Juliet begs her even to delay the marriage.

Romeo and Juliet

So, when Juliet rebels against the planned marriage with Paris, she's rebelling against her mother's way of life, and against the kind of marriage that Lady Capulet learned to suffer through. All rights reserved.

lady capulet what say you meme

Why isn't she supportive when Juliet needs her most? After Lord Capulet storms out, Juliet turns to her mother to soften her father's punishment.

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As a result, Lady Capulet doesn't come across as a particularly great mom. In general, moms don't like that—either in the 21st century or in the 16th century. Just when Juliet needs her mom's support, Lady Capulet coldly ignore her daughter's pleas to help her avoid marrying Paris.

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lady capulet what say you meme

Why isn't she close to her daughter? There could be a few different things going on here.

lady capulet what say you meme

W hy's T his F unny? Sure, Lady Capulet does make an effort to reach out to her daughter now that she's of an age to be married. I'm Still Here!

Lady Capulet Monologue

Cite This Page. Like many other mothers of teens, Lady Capulet has her hands full with Juliet. Logging out….

lady capulet what say you meme

Logging out... But why?

lady capulet what say you meme

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