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Sorry for my long period of neglect for my blog over the last while... Psyched after making the first free ascent of pitch 32 - the last crux pitch. Want to add to the discussion?

Smith-Gobat to Make Trio of US Climbing Record Attempts

And the exploration of physical strength, really. Not knowing how my mothers illness would progress, yet knowing I needed to be with her, not racing around the world pursuing my crazy dreams. Connect with:. Her first ascents include an extension of The Giving Tree 5. Ines, Thomas and I battled on, and in ever deteriorating weather managed to free all but two pitches of the original route and the most difficult two of their new variant.

I started climbing while still in a cast, started really enjoying that movement on rock. Ines Papert and I nearing the summit of Riders on the Storm.

Disclaimer Please understand that rock climbing is an extremely dangerous activity. However, our success was quickly dampened by rock fall hitting the portaledges that night while we were asleep, tearing Ines and my ledge open and narrowly missing us. Regardless of any advice you may receive while using this forum, it is your personal responsibility to make sure that you are fully trained to handle the great deal of risk involved in climbing and related activities.

Discovering that especially in warm weather this face is quite exposed to both ice and rockfall for the top of the peak - which is comprised of loose blocks held together by ice. Jimmy Chin: Torres del Paine at sunrise.


Zoe Hart: I was at Breckenridge when I hit a tree. Being forced to stop, having the foundations of my life ripped out from underneath me, has forced me to stop. Especially in competing. Post a comment!