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McAlmont and Butler

Paul Sinclair says: Formed in 1994, David McAlmont and Bernard Butler had already experienced success, Butler as the guitarist in indie band Suede, until his departure during the recording of their second album, Dog Man Star. But it was the days of CD1 and CD2 and it was a major label, so they wanted to use the singles to sell an album. I tend not to play that much music after 1989 really. I DJ, but my taste is quite old fashioned. While this is happening somebody set fire to the flats opposite and this argument broke out.

Because I wrote the melodies and sang the words and showed up and I did that, whereas Bernard was producing and playing everything and coming up with the music. Some Velvet Mixtape: That's what I wanted to happen with everybody, even the sax player who comes down for an afternoon. I had been in Thieves and we created an album and we decided to go our separate ways. Someone asked at the time "if you were to say a sentence about the song what would it be?

The Blood Brothers -...

Yes [full version] 2. What I did with Bernard on this record was a turning point in the way I express myself. BBC Radio 6 Music. I remember we went to record the sound of Nigel Godrich's Post Office van. How much influence did you have over the sound?

David McAlmont on The Sound of McAlmont & Butler 20 years on

Bernard took some tape and taped down the hammond keys to play an E-chord, and it left me free to do whatever felt right. You know it is a long time ago. Jack C says: About putting each other on the spot, I was putting David on the spot, but I was a bag of nerves really.

Mercury Rev Are You Ready? I didn't have to explain things. And it was just weird, you know? Quite taught. It's just a nice piece of music.