Tsai how to pronounce names

You have to understand the orthography, i.

How to Pronounce the Name of Taiwanese Politician Tsai Ing-wen

My favorite Asian name vietnamese is "Phuc". The final is okay and is pretty close to "eye". The "i" which is spelt "yi" here in Mandarin is pronounced with the tongue closer to the upper teeth than in English. What else should I know?

tsai how to pronounce names

English "when" is closer. Most others are the same as in English. If you study Mandarin, you should never ever rely on English approximations like those above.

tsai how to pronounce names

It is actually very close to English "when. It's not a bad idea to ask which is which.

How to Pronounce Chinese Names

More confusing paper citations, where traditionally one cites only the family name. Obviously it's not easy to type tones with an English keyboard!

I decided from then on, that I would forsake convenience and say my name the way I wanted to sound when asked. This sound is often difficult for non-Chinese speakers to say. If you want to have a go at the tones, they are falling, high-flat and rising respectively.

tsai how to pronounce names

Let me list them: It's a system for romanizing Chinese ideograms, used in mainland China for Mandarin, a. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

How To Pronounce Tsai

Can you tell me how to read Chinese names? Would you buy this product? Read more about how to pronounce Chinese names.

tsai how to pronounce names

It represents an attempt to write the pronunciation using English words. The Devil is in the details. And yes, her personal name means "English," as in the language this article is written in. Posted by Morris at 11:

tsai how to pronounce names