What does 1500 sat score mean

what does 1500 sat score mean

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what does 1500 sat score mean

We've picked out a set of schools that are within range. Louis, Missouri 25th Percentile: Providence, Rhode Island 25th Percentile: PrepScholar was created by Harvard graduates and SAT full scorers , and thousands of students have trusted PrepScholar with improving their scores.

Is 1500 a good SAT score?

Thanks to the holistic US application system, you can make up for a lower SAT score by having incredible grades, writing fantastic essays and getting involved in unique extracurricular activities! Hanover, New Hampshire 25th Percentile: University of Pennsylvania.

what does 1500 sat score mean

Nashville, Tennessee 25th Percentile: You can also use our Chance Estimator tool to figure out your chances of getting into your target schools. If you improve your SAT score by 100 points, you'll significantly improve your chances and get almost guaranteed admission for most schools.

what does 1500 sat score mean

Boston College. Baltimore, Maryland 25th Percentile: Visit our blog for free strategy guides on college admissions and test prep.

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If You Liked Our Advice... Keep in mind that these percentiles may change slightly depending on when you take the exam.

what does 1500 sat score mean

Chicago, Illinois Lowest Score Accepted: These schools have average SAT scores that are close to a 1500. To add a school to your list, type in part of the school name, choose from the dropdown, and click the button. Harvard's 'class of 2023' applications break new record Common Application essay prompts released early for 2019-2020 More articles...

The Most Popular Colleges for Every SAT Score Range

Yale University: The best colleges want to build unique, culturally diverse and balanced classes. That being said, having a good, or rather, a great SAT score will definitely boost your chances of getting in.

There are two factors that can help you determine whether your SAT score is good or not: Safety Schools: