What does looking mean on fitbit

My tracker is mistakes riding on planes as climbing stairs. Flag Post Message 19 of 27. Well with your petmission let me to graqb your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. It's all about the food!

what does looking mean on fitbit

Mine Fit Bit Blaze will not sync. I am assuming that it is calories burned,but that number is way too high. Hi I just want to set time on Fitbit.

what does looking mean on fitbit

Hope this helps someone else! My husband bought me a Fitbit on my 17th anniversary! All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Flag Post Message 14 of 27. I originally bought a large band and would pre-fasten it then wedge it over my hand—a bit painful at times! It is not syncing with my phone regularly so messages and phone calls are are being missed.

I had to replace it because it was wearing out but got another. I asked if they could at least take the scale back to improve the technology and replace it, but I was told no.

what does looking mean on fitbit

Did you mean: Any tips on how to prevent the Charge 2 strap from raising blisters on my wrist? Flag Post Message 1 of 5. Lucy Community Moderator, Fitbit Did you like my answer?

what does looking mean on fitbit

Some glitch happened because I also didn't get one of those, "Your battery is low" emails. This is where you can find information like sleep quality, your longest stationary period, how much time you spent in each heart rate zone, and more. Beside, my band always comes off near the unit during the night.

12 Not-So-Obvious Things to Know About Your Fitbit Tracker

Today it just keeps saying "looking" I tried the restart method and nothing. I have already have created an account but on my mobile asking to create the account which I do not want to create new one. Is there something I need to do.?

Thank you Lucy for your troubleshooting explanations. How can I get my Fitbit 2 to keep my steps, calories, sleep data, etc.