What is chicken wing in golf swing

There are countless causes of the Chicken Wing, however, examine the following common causes of the bent lead elbow at impact.

Causes and Cures: Chicken Wing Golf Slice – Tuck the Shirt Sleeve – Golf Swing Tip

The Lead Arm Only swing is an effective Chicken Wing drill that helps position the elbow of the lead arm to point down after the club swings through impact. Begin with a normal set up in your golf posture with both arms hanging down below your shoulders.

Chicken Wing Drills. First, try it without hitting a ball.

what is chicken wing in golf swing

The Motorcycle drill is meant to prevent casting or releasing the club early. The figure 8 strap is an elastic strap that essentially works like a pair of handcuffs for your arms.

what is chicken wing in golf swing

A classic drill used to cure the chicken wing is to place a towel or similar object under your left armpit, then holding it there throughout the backswing and through-swing. Grip the racket in your left hand and get in your golf posture.

what is chicken wing in golf swing

The proper impact position creates a straight lead arm and wrist so the club can lag behind the hands until impact. The back of the racket strings should now point directly in front of you. This creates the proper downward angle of attack that optimizes swing speed, distance and accuracy.

Watch the swing of Dustin Johnson and notice the bowed wrist throughout the swing.

SwingFix: Chicken Wing Fix Tip

Take a few practice swings and hit a few balls on the range. Many players create extra movements such as an incorrect release or bending the lead arm through impact. Many players allow their elbows to bend or separate their arms through impact. When the lead arm swings through correctly you will eliminate the swing fault known as the Chicken Wing.

The Golf Fix: Get rid of the chicken wing tip

The lead wrist should be in a bent bowed position, not cupped at the top of your backswing. Now your left arm is in the correct position and ready to begin the physical test. Swing the club up to the top of your backswing and pause at the top.