What is gun control in a nutshell

The gun debate isn't about what you think Experts say we must acknowledge the emotional and cultural meanings guns hold.

Gun Control Explained

ET Feb. The changes would be the biggest expansion of the system since background checks were first required 25 years ago.

what is gun control in a nutshell

AP There are more than 38,000 gun deaths in the US every year, and approximately 85,000 non-fatal injuries. Show Thumbnails. Simultaneously, the predominant opposition to the bill expected among House Republicans will underline the GOP's identity as the voice primarily of voters beyond the biggest population centers.

Gun control really works — here's the science to prove it

One of the thousands of signs that marchers held during the March for Our Lives rally on the riverfront in downtown Detroit, Michigan on March 24, 2018. The US is not inherently a more violent society. As the country tries to figure out what — if anything — can be done in the wake of yet another mass shooting, it's worth taking a look at the evidence we have on the effects of gun regulations. One of the great myths is the idea that gun-control laws are an artifact of the modern era, the 20th century.

There may be more, or there may be fewer, depending on which study you look at — there's no exact count, since there isn't a national database of gun purchases or firearm owners, and federal law does not require a prospective gun owner to get a license or permit.

What's in the gun control bills that House Democrats will bring to a vote this week

The results, however, also depend in part on how you ask the question. What do people get wrong about the history of gun control?

what is gun control in a nutshell

The shooter killed at least two victims and himself, and shot at least nine others. Tahara Anderson, 42, from Wantagh, NY, is marching for her boys, ages 10 and 7. Other factors could also be at play. The bill failed to reach the 60 votes required to overcome a Republican filibuster, and the House, under GOP control at the time, refused to consider it.

what is gun control in a nutshell

Although the blue dogs will likely resist the left's most expansive plans for taxing and spending, most of them comfortably embrace the party's liberal mainstream on cultural issues. Even other countries with lots of guns, like Switzerland, have far fewer firearm deaths.

They involved a military-style weapon with a high-capacity magazine.

what is gun control in a nutshell

While gun-rights advocates say more people armed equal a safer society, people who favor gun control say the opposite is true: Before the start of the March for Our Lives rally on the riverfront in downtown Detroit, Michigan on March 24, 2018 Rick Pallas, 62 of Troy stood up on a concrete flower bed showing off his sign and sending a message. John Minchillo, AP. In recent years, gun control debates have focused primarily on background checks for buyers, allowing people to carry weapons in public, and whether to allow the possession of assault rifles.