When in nursing school tumblr drawings

Or when I need to insert a note. Flash cards Flash cards are useful when you want to remember something short. NOW… doctor-calm liked this.

They may help you a lot, or they may totally not work on you. And you can organize your notes by blocks, circles, or whatever you like. But think about if music actually helps you focus, or does it drift your concentration away?

when in nursing school tumblr drawings

Sticky notes I usually find these deals in Big Lots, Walmart, and sometimes even dollar stores. You can use them to color-code. Try it!

drawings from nursing school

I have complied these note-taking-related points from various internet sources. Please feel free to use them.

when in nursing school tumblr drawings

I have always struggled with note-taking ever since I had to take notes. These worked for me when I had to study for medical terminology or medications. Hope this helps.

when in nursing school tumblr drawings

Review regularly I guess the key point here is try not to procrastinate when reviewing your notes. You can add your own taste and style to it.

I think the most important thing for me when I color-code is being consistent, so my brain would recognize the themes faster. I used to do this a lot in nursing school - definitely not a good idea.

when in nursing school tumblr drawings

Notebooks is more light-weight compared to binders. I personally like the college-ruled more, because I can write more info on one page. A pretty-nice brand usually comes with 4 different colored highlighters.

So I guess another lesson here is: I found that Quizlet has a lot of notes on nursing lectures. Deals can usually be found in dollar stores at all times. I know some people like listening to music while studying. After using paper flash cards throughout my entire high school, I switched to online flash cards durign college. Just remember to find the best way for you to study.