Where is the line of control

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where is the line of control

Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Although India claims that the entire state is part of India, it has been prepared to accept the Line of Control as the international border, with some possible modifications. India and Pakistan have gone to war three times over Kashmir, most recently in 1999.

'Get ready for our surprise': Pakistan warns India it will respond to airstrikes

Pakistani troops fired mortar shells and small arms across the Line of Control at several areas in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday in a sharp escalation of ceasefire violations that have been underway for the last three consecutive days. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Blog.

where is the line of control

But, in the years since, it has eroded some of that autonomy and repeatedly intervened to rig elections and dismiss and jail democratically elected leaders. While exchanges of artillery and light weapons over the line are very common, intentional incursions by aircraft have not been publicly acknowledged since the two countries fought a war in 1971. What do the militants want? An attack there would represent an escalation from previous Indian reprisals.

where is the line of control

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where is the line of control

Indian aircrafts gone back. More than 300 Kashmiri separatist activists have been detained in recent days.

Line Of Control

He travelled with the armies of both countries and could study what is effectively the ground zero-the location where entrenched animosities as well as sudden surges of comradeship are enacted. Most popular. IAF strikes terror camps in Pakistan — What we know so far. Sushma Swaraj In China Feb 27, 2019 3: In its 1950 constitution, India granted Kashmir a large measure of independence. Significantly, Balakot is in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, about 50 miles from the line of control and well into accepted Pakistan territory.

L.O.C.-The Line of Control-Jammu and Kashmir-Documentary by Discovery Channel --Ronin xoxo--

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