Who has beth in walking dead

It'd be okay... Rick feels uneasy hearing the statement and feels headache as Judith's cries echo through the room and fill it with disturbance around his mind. Norman and Lauren [Cohan].

The Walking Dead

This was especially shown when Daryl left with Merle after Rick refused to let Merle come to the prison and Daryl, leaving with Merle for a short time before coming back to the prison and saving Rick.

At this point, Gorman walks in on her and gives her an offer for him to keep a lid on her theft, in return for her to be controlled by him in a sexual context.

who has beth in walking dead

Later that night, Beth and Daryl set up a small camp and she told herself to believe for her father and everyone else that they could stay at the prison safely for the rest of their lives. Suddenly, she sees Carol being brought in on a stretcher, which changes her mind, as Carol will need Edwards help in order to survive.

Steven Edwards office and demands he tells her the suitable medicine for the patient in exam room 2. Louise Bush and Doug. The Scavengers. But only one of the women — professional death-cheater Carol — left the hospital with a pulse.

who has beth in walking dead

Although Beth and Michonne shared little interactions, it is assumed that they had a good friendship. You may be looking for the Comic Series character , the Alexandria resident , the Video Game walker , the Road to Survival character , or the actress.

Beth Greene (TV Series)

At the end of the episode, Beth is seen driving the truck, she turns to face Tyreese again, and delivers the same line, "It's okay, Tyreese", hinting that it is better when you are dead, only this time, Beth does not have the cuts or the bullet hole on her head. He exclaims that there are no women left since, "Maggie is with Glenn, and you're a lesbian.

who has beth in walking dead

After Rick and the others cleared out a cell block, Rick called the others to come over. Hershel comforts her as their family walks back to the house, with Shane throwing his accusations at them along the way. She acknowledges that she doesn't have the skills necessary to survive and will probably be dead soon. Afterwards she can be seen with Jimmy while Otis goes to his wife.

Daryl ferociously clubs the walkers to death with a golf club while Beth hid behind him, and he accidentally splashes walker blood on Beth's new shirt.

Emily Kinney on The Talking Dead after Beth's Death (part 1)

As Daryl reaches to pet it, it runs away.