1984 riots chandni chowk delhi

Senior police officers refused to give any authoritative information.

1984 riots chandni chowk delhi

Support TwoCircles. New Delhi. For some reason, the Rangnath Misra Commission rejected outright the majority of the affidavits filed by the victims as well as witnesses.

1984 riots chandni chowk delhi

The worst affected areas in South Delhi were: A Sikh was dragged out of his car and beaten. When the officer saw a mob looting a watch shop owned by a Sikh at Chandni Chowk, he ordered his men to fire at the miscreants.

1984 riots in Trilokpuri: ‘Bodies of hundreds of Sikhs were scattered, some showed signs of life’

For a man who had been a minister for so long, it does, in hindsight, seem surprising that Rao would not have known the procedure that is followed when the Army is called to assist civilian authority. Four policemen near the Mosque did not intervene. All the shopkeepers here have now insured the shops and goods.

As night fell hundreds of women and children came out of neighbouring Hindu homes where they had taken shelter.

A travelling tale of anti-Sikh riots

Nepal and India are connected via language, culture and common religion, and... When 4 houses belonging to the Sikhs were being attacked, the Sikhs resisted with their talwars. Where they beat him, there blood and only blood was to be seen.

1984 riots chandni chowk delhi

Also evident was the connivance of Delhi police. However, the mob was dispersed and a police officer took the cash box into his custody.

Dharna enters 10th day, no decision by Punjab government yet.

The Carnage

Thirty-two years later, most of the masterminds of the attacks remain unpunished. Another one shot at the New Delhi Railway Station shows two bodies of Sikh men lying on a trolley-cart while people walk by staring at the corpses. Several persons involved in the violence were recognised by the survivors. In spite of our accounts of the Trilokpuri massacre, the commissioner maintained absolute peace prevailed in Delhi. Please Email the Editor.